UPDATE: Love cats? Feeling generous? A page has been set up allowing you to donate any sum you want to help Erran Frazier fix his truck, which, as you'll read below, he had to cut into his own truck to save a trapped kitten. Feel free to donate to the cause here, and note that the donations have already succeeded the asked-for amount.

The Internet as we know it is constructed primarily of cat pictures and videos, and ladies getting naked. That's just science. Our version of The Internet, as you know, consists mainly of cars, but that doesn't mean we don't dip into the kitten pool every now and again.

And certainly when we read that someone has gone so far as to rescue a kitten by cutting a hole (two, actually) in the bodywork of his own truck, well, shucks, that's exactly the kind of Internet we want to live in.

Erran Frazier of Vero Beach, FL, is one of the good guys, for sure. Hearing a the mewing of the tiny animal, but not able to locate it in or around his Chevy pickup, Frazier apparently went medieval on the vehicle. According to the CNN report, Fraizier and his wife are big animal lovers, so sacrificing the truck to save the kitty was a no-brainer.

Eventually, after contacting the Humane Society and getting some help from the local team, the cat was retrieved safely and Frazier walked away a minor hero. Scroll down below to hear him tell a bit of the tale (and give your own kit or pup a pat on the head).

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