'Lucky' kitten rescued from car engine

A woman in Illinois and a garage full of mechanics were caught off-guard, when a kitten popped up from a car's engine bay during an oil change.

"I think the Valvoline oil change guys were probably more scared than the cat," Elise Eckles told Fox 2 St. Louis. "I don't think that had happened to them before."

The shaken mechanics gathered up the terrified kitten, aptly-named "Lucky," into a box for Eckles. Besides a bloody nose, a vet found Lucky to be in surprisingly good health considering she had just gone for a ride on an engine block. Eckles then took Lucky to the local humane society, where after a little rest, she will be available for adoption.

How did little Lucky get under her hood in the first place? Kittens will sometime crawl into cars engines and wheel wells to stay warm in the fall and winter.

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