Jon Olsson's 1,000-hp Audi RS6 Avant stolen at gunpoint, burned

Swedish professional freeskier Jon Olsson loves some insanely modified vehicles, like his Rebellion R2K, but tragedy recently struck for one of his crazier former rides. The custom Audi RS6 Avant was a wild wagon with DTM-inspired bodywork and an engine tuned to a claimed 1,000 horsepower. Unfortunately, the machine was stolen in a brazen armed robbery. Making matters even worse, the crooks torched the car at the end of their joyride.

Olsson drove the tuned RS6 in this year's Gumball 3000, and later sold it to a dealer in the Netherlands, according to Auto Evolution. Recently, the wagon was taking part in a photo shoot in Amsterdam. That's when two armed men showed up to steal the Audi. Somehow in the chaos, the robbers' van caught fire, and they got away with the RS6.

The criminals weren't too clever, though, because they didn't think to grab the key from the owner's pocket, Car Throttle reported. That would have made the Audi much more difficult to start again, if they shut if off. Although, that apparently never became a problem. The crooks sped off and eventually dumped the car before police were ever able to get them. In a final act of destruction, the thieves also incinerated the one-of-a-kind RS6.

An investigation is ongoing. Olsson's Instagram post below shows how little is left of this once incredibly cool wagon. "But now I am more motivated than ever to follow this build up with something just as good," Olsson wrote on his website.

Poor poor #RS6DTM Such a sad sight! 😩😪😥 Who would do such a thing! #hurtsmyheart

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