Jon Olsson is a Swedish freeskier and alpine ski racer who also happens to own one of the wildest custom cars in the world. Called the Rebellion R2K, it is based on an Ultima, has a body that looks like an Audi R18, and it packs a claimed 600 horsepower into a package weighing around 2,205 pounds (1,000kg).

In what he claims is a test for this year's Gumball 3000 rally, Olsson sprints the car up a Swedish ski slope. Snow pours off the rear wheels as they spin, but the Rebellion can definitely hustle. It's not likely there is going to be this much snow during the Gumball, but Olsson proves that his car could withstand it. Even if you never wanted to see snow again after this awful winter, scroll down to check out this stunt.

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