Audi's adaptive Matrix LED headlights can actively dim and direct light around the road to make driving safer at night. Unfortunately, the tech runs afoul of Department of Transportation rules, so it isn't currently available in the United States. For an idea of what you're missing, a marketing stunt for the new A4 in Belgium is illuminating the night and making pedestrians in the intersection more visible, and safer. The only problem is, it also makes them look like fugitives making an escape.

From a giant billboard near the Brussels Central Station, the LEDs from a massive Audi A4 can light up whole intersection. Whenever a pedestrian or cyclist enters the area at night, they are tracked the whole way in a radiant pillar of blue luminescence. Based on this clip, the lights look bright enough to temporarily blind some passersby. Despite the unintended consequences, the stunt is still a very visible demonstration of Audi's headlight technology.

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