Kia Soul EV will go on sale in four more US states

Eastern States Will Get Distribution In The Fourth Quarter This Year

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Live from New York, it's the Kia Soul Electric Vehicle! The South Korea-based automaker believes its first mass-produced EV is a ready-for-prime-time-player and will start selling the EV in the Empire State during the fourth quarter. Kia will also expand Soul EV sales to New Jersey, Connecticut, and Maryland, giving the model some pretty good coverage along the Eastern Seaboard. Perhaps those funky hamsters will find yet another reason to rock out.

The expansion may be a sign that Americans are gravitating to the Soul EV as quick or quicker than expected. The model delivers 109 horsepower and, probably more importantly, a single-charge range of 93 miles. Kia started selling the Soul EV in California late last year. Then, earlier this year, distribution was expanded to Georgia, Texas, Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii. Additionally, the Soul was given the first-ever Canadian Green Car of the Year Award.

The car sells for a base price of $33,950, and that's before any federal tax incentives kick in. Additionally, Kia may be coming out with a "more" base model that cuts that price by another $2,000. With the fed's help, that could bring the cost down into the $24,000 range, Some states have their own incentives as well.

As for New York, eight dealerships will start selling the Soul EV, while six New Jersey dealerships will also have that honor. Take a look at Kia's press release below and go here for our Quick Spin impressions of the car.

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