What happens when you press the park button of a Tesla Model S while the car is in motion? YouTube user KmanAuto demonstrates in a video. While going about 30 miles per hour, he presses and holds the park button. The "Parking Brake Applied" message lights up, and the car slows quickly but smoothly, then jerks to a stop. If one lets off the button early, the car will slow until the button is no longer depressed, and will continue to roll. In effect, the system works as a backup should the normal brakes fail. See the video above, and read more at Teslarati.

The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) offers some suggestions to improve the EPA's proposed Phase 2 program to reduce greenhouse gases for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. ACEEE feels that further engine improvements could be made without even having to rely on costly advanced technologies like waste heat recovery, advanced aerodynamics and tires, stop-start systems, and hybridization. Improvements to existing engine, transmission, and vehicle technology, the ACEEE says, could improve efficiency by 26 percent in 2024, and 31 percent in 2027. This is a significant improvement over the EPA's Phase 2 target of 24 percent reduction in fuel consumption in 2027. Read more from the ACEEE.

The Plug In America podcast focuses on electric vehicles. The host, Bob Tregilus, discusses all things related to the electrification of vehicles with various enthusiasts and experts. In the most recent podcasts, he speaks with Zan Dubin Scott about the history of Plug In America and National Drive Electric Week, and with Plug In America Executive Director Joel Levin about his work in the nonprofit sector. Learn more and listen to previous podcasts from Plug In America here.

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