The world is just hours away from the big reveal of the Tesla Model X, along with the first delivery to a customer. While the company still isn't putting out all of the electric crossover's specs to the general public, the Environmental Protection Agency already has some of those numbers. Specifically, a Model X 90D offers an estimated range of 257 miles. Economy is listed at 90 mpge city, 94 mpge highway, and 92 mpge combined. Opting for the P90D brings more performance but slightly diminishes range. The government gauges its figures at 250 miles of range, and fuel economy of 89/90/89 mpge, respectively.

As a comparison, the EPA also shows the estimates for the Model S. In standard form, the government says the sedan can travel 270 miles and get a 100-mpge rating (combined). Meanwhile, the performance version cuts that back to 253 miles of distance and 93 mpge combined. Note, the 90-kWh specs aren't recertified by the EPA for 2015, so the agency still shows them the same as an 85-kWh Model S.

The first deliveries of the Model X are the posh Signature Series model for those with reservations. With prices starting at $132,000, it includes amenities like Tesla's Autopilot system, an air suspension with GPS memory, an upgraded stereo, and ventilated and heated seats. For an extra $10,000, the Ludicrous Speed upgrade allows the crossover to sprint to 60 miles per hour in a claimed 3.2 seconds. Future versions should be cheaper at around $5,000 more than a comparable Model S, according to Elon Musk. We should have a lot more details about Tesla's first CUV after the reveal, so stay tuned.

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