MotorWeek remembers the 1993 Acura Legend coupe

When discussing classic Acura models, the Legend, particularly as a two-door, doesn't get brought up nearly as often as the Integra or NSX. Perhaps that's because those sporty models were brash for their time, whereas this bigger car came off as a more conservative ride. For a MotorWeek Retro Review, John Davis and crew have looked back at a 1993 Legend coupe to give us a chance to remember Acura's luxury GT.

In 1993, the newly revised 3.2-liter V6 managed 230 horsepower, and this one had power routed through a six-speed manual. It also came packed with luxury features, including automatic climate control and traction control. However, the Legend turned out to be more of a comfy cruiser than an all-out sports coupe for the reviewers. MotorWeek wasn't happy with the performance through the slalom, and the shifter wasn't perfect, either. Still, this clip is a great refresher on a model that's often overlooked.

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