Traffic stop ends with donation to help girl with bone cancer

Drivers don't usually leave traffic stops smiling, but a mom and daughter in New Hampshire were beaming after police handed them a check rather than a ticket last week.

Officers with the Goffstown, NH, police department pulled over high schooler Maddie Carlson and her mom while they were on their way to lunch. But it wasn't an ordinary traffic stop. Maddie is fighting a rare form of bone cancer while trying to be a normal 16-year-old. To honor her struggle and help out the family, the Goffstown Police Association made a donation to the Carlsons, rather than a ticket.

Police kept up appearances and acted as if they were going to give Maddie's mother a ticket, but then another officer approached the passenger side and handed Maddie a check.

"Maddie, on behalf of the Goffstown Police Association we want to give you a check for helping support you guys," the officer says in the video. The cops then request her license, but Maddie doesn't drive. In the video the two can hardly contain their laughter. The Goffstown Police uploaded the video to their Facebook page with the title 'GPD is MADDIE STRONG'. It's been viewed over 267,000 times in the last few days.

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