Battery Show 2015: EV Fleet Condor has 12,000 export orders

North Carolina Company Is About To Start Building An All-Electric Truck For Real

EV Fleet Condor Electric Truck: Battery Show 2015
EV Fleet Condor Electric Truck: Battery Show 2015 / Image Credit: Copyright 2015 Sebastian Blanco / AOL
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It's blue, it's electric and it's on a mission. The Condor electric truck from North Carolina's EV Fleet was on display at the 2015 Battery Show in Novi, MI this week and EV Fleet CEO and founder Brooks Agnew told AutoblogGreen that there's been a lot of news to share since we first heard about the truck almost a year ago. To wit, EV Fleet is a third of the way through air bag testing, and once that's completed, the Condor will be able to be sold in the US. Agnew said he expects that to happen in February 2016.

A number of fleets – 1,117, to be exact – around the US and in other countries have already expressed their interest in buying this versatile EV, Agnew said, sharing some impressive numbers. All told, EV Fleet has 12,000 export orders over the next five years, with an expected 500 to be delivered in the first year. Agnew didn't say where the EVs would be headed, just that a South American country was interested in the truck. The Condor will be assembled in the USA at the ReVenture Park in Charlotte, NC.

Agnew said that, in talking to potential customers, EV Fleet learned that some work trucks spend a lot of time on the highway getting to and from work sites while others sort of stay on the farm, as it were. That's why the EV Fleet Condor electric truck is a bit of a transformer. It will start at $46,500 for the 26-kWh version that will go about 40 miles, and there's a 50-kWh, 100-120-mile model available for just $3,000 more. And those prices are before any sort of federal or state tax incentives designed to get more clean trucks on the road. EV Fleet knows all about these, and company's site features a large link to "Tax Incentives" for potential buyers to learn more. Once you've got one of these EVs, you can configure it in numerous ways, from a flat-bed truck to a cargo box to a refrigerated delivery van. The Condor can carry up to 1,000 pounds.

You can see the truck in motion in the video below.

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