Ford hires France's former first lady

Celebrity endorsements are nothing new in the auto industry, but Ford is hoping that putting one of France's best-known faces into an odd new ad might get buyers there to consider a Blue Oval rather than a Peugeot or Renault. The company has hired France's former First Lady, singer, and model Carla Bruni to take on the role of an aggressive soccer coach in the new ad. The idea behind the campaign is to get buyers to think about a big switch too.

According to Automotive News, Ford holds just a 4.3 percent market share in France. Meanwhile, PSA Peugeot-Citro├źn has 26 percent, and Renault holds 30 percent. With such a huge discrepancy, even a few tenths in Ford's favor would likely be considered a victory.

Ford's actual commercial is an odd piece of auto advertising, though. Not a single vehicle appears in the whole thing, and there isn't a bit of Blue Oval branding on it, either. Although, a link at the end does go to a page for the automaker. You can still watch the video, even if you don't speak French; just be sure to turn on the closed captions.

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