Cop delivers baby during traffic stop

A cop in Seattle thought he was making a routine traffic stop over the weekend, but he had his hands full after realizing the passenger was moments away from giving birth.

Officer Anthony Reynolds pulled over a vehicle in the early hours of Sunday morning after he noticed the driver speeding and running red lights. As soon as the car was stopped, the driver jumped out and told Reynolds that his wife was giving birth in the back seat.

Reynolds radioed for an ambulance, but the baby wasn't interested in waiting. He helped deliver the impatient baby girl on the side of the road. Her first cries were recorded on the officer's dashboard camera. The couple thanked the police department in a note.
"You have helped deliver a precious gift," the couple wrote, according to NBCNews. "We are so grateful." Police aren't always so helpful to soon-to-be parents. In 2011, a Canadian man received a $1,000-ticket and a 5-month suspension of his license because he was rushing his wife to the hospital. He made it just in time to save her and the baby's life after being stopped twice by traffic cops.

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