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Family gets brand-new Chrysler Pacifica from FCA and Jimmy Kimmel

She was gifted a brand-new Chrysler Pacifica by Jimmy Kimmel.

A Florida mother and her newborn son are in good condition after the mother gave birth in the parking lot of a Jacksonville used car dealer last week.

Footage released this week of a traffic stop in Indiana shows police throwing a man to the ground, pointing a gun at a woman in labor, and scheming to delete the video evidence of their dangerously mismanaged traffic stop.

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A cop in Seattle thought he was making a routine traffic stop over the weekend, but he had his hands full after realizing the passenger was moments away from giving birth.

Baby couldn't wait for trip to the hospital

A photographer in Australia captured some once-in-a-lifetime images of her client giving birth in a car on the way to the hospital.

Nurse helped deliver first of twin boys while on scene

A Florida woman gave birth in the back of her car after a crash halted her trip to the hospital.