Nissan says these are the five best European EV drives

If you want to combine the beauty of Europe with the beauty of silent, electric motoring, Nissan has a travel guide for you. The makers of the Leaf and e-NV200 took both vehicles on five road trips in the UK and on The Continent, then worked up a home video of the adventure. All the highlights are in the video above.

From shortest to lengthiest, the jaunts are Dundry to Bristol in England, Versailles to Paris in France, Sitges to Barcelona in Spain, Malmo, Sweden to Copenhagen, Denmark, and Rieti to Rome in Italy. Every one of them is indeed a gorgeous way to spend a day, but in view of the Leaf's 135-kilometer range and the e-NV200's 170-km range you'll want to take your time on those trips to get the most out of them. That UK drive is 5.8 miles, less than 10 kilometers. The French route is 23.3 km, the Spanish route is 36.9 km, the oversea excursion from Denmark to Sweden eats up 44 km, and Italy chews through 87.4 km of range. We'd suggest renting a Tesla Model S and using the widespread Supercharger network to go the distance in Europe, but we understand why Nissan didn't include that option in their own promotional video.

Nissan chose four of the locales for deeper purposes, as well: Bristol recently opened 100 EV charging stations, Paris will soon host a UN climate change summit, Nissan builds the e-NV200 in Barcelona, and crossing the 4.9-mile ├śresund Bridge meant to test cold-weather hardiness. Rome was because, well, why not?

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