Classic cars can have a lot of character, but purposely passing up on some of the enormous advancements made to the automobile over the decades since those classics were made can be a difficult proposition. That's where restomodders like Emory Motorsports come in.

Emory specializes in customizing Porsche 356s, modifying them to their clients' specifications and giving them an added dose of performance and refinement, all without losing that timeless appeal. The LA-based company is headed up today by third-generation Southern Californian gearhead Rod Emory. After seeing some examples of his work out on the road, Jay Leno invited Rod by the garage along with a pair of his company's custom creations. Both are based on 356 coupes from the late 1950s, but take pretty different approaches in their comprehensive restoration and extensive modification.

Since classic Zuffenhausen enthusiasts are notorious for their rigid adherence to originality, Emory's modified 356s are deemed to be "outlaws" by many on the vintage Porsche scene. But they've also gained quite a following, similar to what Singer has done with 911s. Whether you're more inclined to cling to authenticity along with the purists or embrace the novelty espoused by the restomodders, after scoping out these irresistible specimens, you'll have to admit that Emory does some pretty compelling work. Watch the 25-minute video clip above to see what we mean, and check out Petrolicious' profile of the same company's work from last year for another look.

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