Two new Tesla Model X spy videos show odd sensors, off-road evidence

The Tesla Model X is out there stretching its legs. Again. Two new videos, one from Berkeley, CA, and another from near Chandler, AZ, show that the California automaker is putting the upcoming electric SUV through its paces. And sometimes, it just needs a recharge.

Let's take the video above first, for reasons that will become clear in a second. We know that the Model X will have all-wheel drive, and this video shows that either Tesla is testing that technology off-road or someone's really good at applying fake dirt to a prototype. We don't get to see the X in trail action, since it's just moving quickly down the road on a trailer, but at least the person who shot the video is obviously excited.

He's also a better photographer than whoever shot the video below. While we appreciate the images, this video shifts between vertical and horizontal orientation and also spends a lot of time with the photographer's dashboard. Nonetheless, we do see a Model X on city streets with some sort of sensors attached to the exterior. What the sensors are doing remains a mystery, but we know that the Tesla is working on an autonomous driving tech it calls autopilot. These sensors are likely for that, we think, but Tesla has been know to drop surprising capabilities on customers without advance warning. Since the official Model X page still says that, "More details will be announced as production nears," we're open to your speculation in the Comments.

For some other Model X spy videos, you can go here (the first in-motion video) or here (some sort of lane keep assist, potentially). The Model X will go on sale in the US this fall.

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