Tesla Model X spotted testing in motion for first time

What we've got here appears to be the first spy video of the Tesla Model X testing in the real world – we think. The vehicle's lines match up with the Model X EV prototypes we've seen before, but the car is wearing camo and the video was shot from a distance on a zoomed-in cell phone. Sadly, no one gets out to show off the falcon-wing doors, but we're 99-percent sure this is the highly-anticipated all-electric crossover that's due later this year (especially since the vehicle can be seen better in this Instagram picture, which also says there was a Model S nearby and that the towing vehicle was marked at belonging to Tesla).

So, what do we have in the video? There's (understandably) no engine noise and lots of squealing tires to be heard. The driver seems to be testing acceleration and turning maneuvers on an unoccupied airstrip in Alameda, CA, near some docks, and the CUV appears to handle the tests with aplomb. Granted, that may be wishful thinking and conflated with our experience in the Model S, but watch for yourself and tell us what you think.

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