This Tesla Model X won't run off the road

Video Shows Either A Seriously Disctracted Driver Or Cool New Tech

Caught driving on California Interstate 280, the driver of this Tesla Model X prototype is jinking in his lane like he's seriously distracted, but we're going to guess that he's testing some kind of lane-keeping driver assistance feature. That is one of the future features touted as part of the Autopilot hardware launched on the Model S D.

Of course, we can only guess because company CEO Elon Musk is guarding the feature-set of the Model X like they're Freemason initiation rites. He's spoken of "these different features" that he's so committed to keeping quiet until deliveries begin that the Model X won't be shown at auto shows beforehand.

So we'll go with the idea that a lane-keeping-assist system will be available on Tesla's electric SUV. Or else the driver likes playing Pong with the white line.

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