Watch a Nissan GT-R run Le Mans in 360-degree video

If you aren't reading this post on your iOS or Android device, or in the Chrome web browser, you're going to want to switch formats. That's because the video above is shot in an interactive, 360-degree format, and it only works on the YouTube app or in Chrome.

Got that sorted? Good. What you see here is a Nissan GT-R running a full lap around the Circuit de la Sarthe, better known as the location for the annual 24 Hours of Le Mans. And since this year's race takes place this weekend, there's no better time to get a beautiful, interactive look at the road course from literally every angle.

The video is super cool, and trust us, you'll want to get the full 360-degree experience. We found it worked best when viewed on an iPhone or Android, because as you move the entire phone with your hand, that controls the camera's movements.

Nissan GT-R Information

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