The state-by-state patchwork of electric vehicle incentives in the US is dizzying. Depending on where you live, any given EV can cost thousands more or less than somewhere else. California not only has the biggest number of EVs available for sale, but it also has some generous state incentives available. It looks like Connecticut wants to join the Golden State in the EV-friendly pantheon.

It hasn't been an easy battle. The Hartford Courant writes about the local government struggles on the issue and says that there has been a two-year effort to get the state to offer up some EV purchase incentives. Despite the work done to promote EVs there – Tesla has offered concessions to get direct sales approved there – no incentives have yet been offered by the state's General Assembly. Which is why Governor Dannel Malloy is reportedly now going to use $1 million from outside the state budget (that is, from something called the Northeast Utilities/NSTAR merger settlement fund to offer EV rebates. A few years ago, Malloy helped fund $200,000 worth of public charging stations in the state. The state has also worked with dealers to encourage EV sales. There are more details on the possible new incentive program for Nutmeggers at the Courant's article.

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