Daily Driver: 2015 BMW X6 M

  • Engine
    4.4L Twin-Turbo V8
  • Power
    567 HP / 553 LB-FT
  • Transmission
    8-Speed Automatic
  • 0-60 Time
    4.0 Seconds
  • Top Speed
    156 MPH
  • Drivetrain
    All-Wheel Drive
  • Curb Weight
    5,185 LBS
  • Seating
  • Cargo
    59.7 CU-FT
  • MPG
    14 City / 19 Highway
  • Base Price
  • As Tested Price
Daily Driver videos are micro-reviews of vehicles in the Autoblog press fleet, featuring impressions from the staffers that drive them every day. Today's Daily Driver features the 2015 BMW X6 M, reviewed by Greg Migliore.

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[00:00:00] Hey, everybody. It's Greg Migliore, and today I am driving the 2015 BMW X6 M. This is the crossover coupe that is sort of a halo SUV for BMW. It's got its naysayers but I like it. I think it's a number of things enthusiasts like. It's fast, it's curvy, it looks good, it's fun to drive, and this one that I'm

[00:00:30] testing out is absolutely loaded. It comes in at more than $115,000. Now that might seem like a lot for an X6, even in M trim, but you're getting a lot of stuff here. This has got a twin-turbo V8, pumps out 567 horsepower. It's mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission, which I think is a good one, and it runs with all-wheel drive. There's a number of M treatments like the wheels, some of the aerodynamic treatments up front.

[00:01:00] It looks sporty and it also has a good tough crossover feel, but it still has almost a car feel as well because the X6 was designed to have a bit of a coupe dynamic. Now inside, is really a beautiful surroundings. We've got lots of trim. It looks like carbon fiber. We've got different color stitching. There's black trim, there's orange trim, there is some of the M colors of light blue and red trim on the steering wheel. It definitely looks like a

[00:01:30] loaded BMW, but also an M BMW series. You lay on the throttle you can get away from stoplights quickly, no trouble. Sounds good. There's a nice exhaust note. It got moving. It's a quick car. It can get to 60 miles an hour in about four seconds, which when you consider this SUV is above 5,200 pounds, that's pretty quick. Some people question the point of an X6 in general,

[00:02:00] and especially an X6 M. You're taking an SUV with less capability than an X5 and some other SUVs in this segment and then cutting it down and making a design statement. I say exactly. That's exactly what you're doing. I like a vehicle that looks like this that has those coupe-like stylings in the back. It's a little more of a cutting edge, curvy design. I think all of that's great. Then, if you're going to do different M versions of cars, why not do an X6 M?

[00:02:30] I think there's definitely a place for a vehicle like this on the market. Every car doesn't have to be the most rational purchase that you own. You still get a lot of capability with this. You can still put things in it. You can still put a lot of people in it. I think there's a reason to buy something just because it looks good and you like how it looks. That's my Daily Drive of the 2015 BMW X6 M. It's a fun SUV. It's a little less practical than a lot of different things you could get out there

[00:03:00] but I enjoy this vehicle and it's a lot of fun. Sometimes that's what you want out of a car. For Autoblog, I'm Greg Migliore. [00:03:12]

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