Harry Metcalfe finds out if the Lamborghini Huracan lives up to the Countach

Former Evo editor Harry Metcalfe might not be as prolific with his Harry's Garage videos as Jay Leno, but the Brit certainly makes up for not releasing continual content with quality, knowledge and passion. Already a Lamborghini fan, Metcalfe is now getting behind the wheel of the Huracan and positions it side by side with his own Countach.

Metcalfe brings two fascinating focuses to his videos that you don't often see in clips like this. First, he loves the details, and you get looks at sometimes-ignored elements of the Huracan like its stalkless steering wheel layout and door handle design. Also, he treats part of his drive like a buyer's guide and suggests what option boxes to tick or leave alone. Among those, Metcalfe has absolutely nothing nice to say about Lamborghini's variable ratio steering system, and this one features the standard rack.

Unfortunately, you do have to deal with some road noise during Metcalfe's drive that can make him somewhat difficult to hear. The advantage is that once he's out of town, viewers get an earful of the Huracan's screaming V10 engine.

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