Ferrari introduces trick new augmented reality showroom

Augmented reality is darn cool, giving us a new and highly informative way to look at everyday scenes. We've seen a number of automakers play around with it, from Mini's AR goggles to Land Rover's information-intensive windshield. But while those are merely concepts, Ferrari is bringing augmented reality to the showroom. Literally.

The company commissioned an app that uses 3D tracking technology to display a seven-step walkaround program that overlays information on one of the company's products. Want to see different wheel designs? How the air flows over the car's body? Or easily transmit your idea of the perfect Ferrari to friends and family? The app can do it all. It's a seriously impressive piece of technology, and one we could see moving well beyond the Ferrari showroom.

Check out the iPad app in the video and let us know what you think of Ferrari's latest sales tool.

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