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Valeo touts technology improving visibility when towing trailers

Combines camera images to make the trailer magically disappear

Combines camera images to make the trailer magically disappear.

Porsche, Hyundai invest in WayRay augmented reality for road and track

Performance-focused AR could turn every track into a video game

Performance-focused AR could turn every track into a video game set to 'Easy.'

Porsche's Tech Live Look uses augmented reality to fix cars faster

Shorter repair times when Google Glass meets PowerPoint presentation

Shorter repair times when Google Glasses meets a PowerPoint presentation.

More head-up displays are coming to a dashboard near you

HUDs are in more new cars, and they're about to get more sophisticated

Batmobile toy uses augmented reality to show the driver's view

This new ride is exactly the kind of thing Bruce Wayne would have built if he went into toy design instead of crimefighting.

Honda patents show technology that could give you X-ray vision

But only when you're driving a car.

These augmented reality heads-up displays could be a big help for avoiding crashes.

Lawsuit against Skully co-founders claims brothers blew funding

The money went towards exotic cars, strippers, and personal bills, among other things.

Mercedes Rescue Assist is like Pokemon Go for saving lives

Augmented reality is wasted on catching Pikachu.

The new app targeted at first responders promises a better and safer approach to rescuing people trapped in wrecked vehicles.

If Pokemon were cars...

They'd be really, really adorable cars. Duh.

Pokemon Go disease infiltrates the Nurburgring

But don't worry, Boosted Boris left the driving to the Ring Taxi.

Yes, Pokemon Go players have descended on the Nurburgring. No, nothing is sacred.

Toyota patents dynamic augmented reality windshield tech

Toyota has a patent for a way to move the image around a vehicle's head-up display, which always keeps it in a useful place for the driver.

Former Volt booster ready for Siri to chauffeur your Apple Car

ABG has a Q&A with Lyle Dennis about AppleCarFans.com

Lyle Dennis started GM-Volt.com in the early days of the Chevy Volt hype. Today, he's much more excited about imagining what an Apple car will be like.

Faraday Future FFZERO1 gets an augmented reality app

Faraday Future offers a free app on iTunes and Google Play that lets users explore the FFZERO1 concept car inside and out with augmented reality.

The Wayray Navion is a VR projector for your windshield

This is how augmented reality might leap out of our possible future into our present, thanks to one consumer-friendly little device.

Hyundai Virtual Guide is an owner's manual for your phone

Hyundai introduces its Virtual Guide, and augmented reality app that puts the most common owner's manual searches on your phone or tablet.

Ferrari introduces trick new augmented reality showroom

Ferrari has introduced a wildly innovative new sales tool, allowing customers, with the help of augmented reality, to view their ideal car right in the showroom.

Mini goes all Occulus Rift with Augmented Vision glasses [w/video]

Mini is showing Augmented Vision at the Shanghai Motor Show. The bizarre looking augmented reality goggles allows a driver see through the car's doors and pillars while driving and project a constant HUD on the world.

Next Mercedes E-Class to get quad-turbo inline-six, augmented reality

The 2016 Mercedes-Benz E-Class is rumored to get the option of a quad-turbo, inline-six-cylinder diesel with more than 400 horsepower. It will also be lighter, the coupe and convertible will be larger, and it enables phone-controlled self-parking.

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