Yamaha 03Gen Concepts point to a three-wheeled future [w/video]

Trikes Have Racing, 'Cross' Versions

Guitarists will love Yamaha's futuristic three-wheeled scooters. So will rugged hikers and even dancers, according to a video hyping the products. We'd like to say the same for ourselves except for the fact that the Japanese company isn't providing a ton of details about those scooters. But they do look great.

Yamaha is starting to tout concept versions of two so-called "03GEN" three-wheeled scooters. Yamaha says the 03GEN-f has a "racing" feel and that the concept is in its "advanced" stages. The company's 03GEN-x centers on the concept of "cross," i.e., something that can be taken either on- or off-road. There's also a 51-second video Yamaha's put out on the concept but, again, aside from some atmospheric music and cool images, there's not much "there" there.

Last year, Yamaha started selling its TriCity three-wheeled scooter in Europe that's geared towards fuel-efficient, low-maintenance urban transportation. That vehicle, which is notable for its 50/50 weight distribution, has a 125cc four-stroke engine, weighs about 335 pounds and costs about $5,500. The scooter also features a front suspension design that allows the rider to lean through turns.

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