VW TDI ads star four 'salty' ladies and a stinky dog named Tuna

The Kim Kardashian sex tape just keeps on giving: it brought the Three Golden Sisters to our attention, and now Volkswagen has used their comedic, Bronx grandmother schtick to promote its TDI engines. The ads are another round in the fight against the malicious perceptions of diesel – like how they're slow and loud (they aren't), that it's hard to find a station to refill (it isn't), and that they stink (they don't).

Tanner Foust makes an appearance in one spot to dispel the notion of sluggishness, and Tuna the Dastardly Dog proves that she (or he?) can outstink a diesel any day.

You'll find Tuna in the ad above, the other three ads are below.

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