Wandering the DC Auto Show with DOE Energy Secretary Moniz

The Washington Auto Show is a small event, compared to the autoramas we usually cover, but we always find it interesting because you get a bit more access and time than you do at other shows, and there's been some good green policy news to cover in the past (e.g., the EV Everywhere challenge). This year, we brought our video camera with us.

As we wandered about the DC show, we got news from Cadillac president Johann de Nychssen about the company's electrification plans, Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz about the federal government's support for alternative fuel technologies and Toyota about its hydrogen-powered Mirai hopes. We also followed Moniz around a bit as he toured the show to learn about Honda's hydrogen vehicle and the aluminum body on the new Ford F-150, but were told not to film halfway through, so you don't get to see all of his walk. But we do have what we think are some pretty images of the cars on the show floor, which was for the most part nearly devoid of people. Enjoy.

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