BBC erecting 30-foot tall Stig in Warsaw

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Some say he stands 30 feet tall, and that he took over two months to build out of fiberglass. All we know is, he's called The Stig. That's right, boys and girls – the BBC has commissioned this giant statue of the hot-shoe mascot of the hit show Top Gear, and he's on his way across northern Europe.

Measuring 30 feet tall and made out of fiberglass, the giant installation was conceived and created by three sculptors over the course of more than two months. To put its size into perspective, consider that even without the legs, just the torso and head alone would stand 12 feet tall – as high as one of those red double-decker buses you'd see patrolling the streets of London.

Now completed at the Top Gear headquarters at Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey, UK, it's embarking on a three-day road trip by flatbed truck from England to Poland, passing along the way through Amsterdam and Berlin before finally arriving in Warsaw. There he'll be erected opposite the Palace of Science and Culture, a landmark of the Polish capital.

The project was undertaken to mark the launch of BBC Brit, a new channel earmarked towards chaps with bloke-centric content – including Top Gear, which will now be hosted on the new channel.
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· A giant 9 metre high effigy of The Stig loaded onto a flatbed truck at Top Gear HQ, Dunsfold
· Marks start of a trip through Europe to Warsaw Poland where The Stig will be 'erected' adjacent to the city's most famous landmark; The Palace of Science and Culture
· Stunt marks the launch of new global channel BBC Brit

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Special Delivery Stig! Giant Stig departs for Poland to mark the launch of new global TV channel BBC Brit. The 9 metre high effigy of the Top Gear star which will make its way through Europe before arriving at Warsaw, Poland to mark the launch of the new global channel from BBC Worlldwide. The statue will be erected in Warsaw adjacent to the city's most famous landmark, The Palace of Science and Culture later this week to celebrate the international channel making its debut on 1 February 2015.

The Stig; star of the worldwide hit show Top Gear has been immortalised as a giant 30ft high statue to celebrate the launch of the new global TV channel BBC Brit.

The model, which is made from fibre-glass, took a team of three sculptors over two months to design, construct and paint. The giant sculpture of The Stig's head and torso alone measures 12 feet, equivalent to the height of a double decker bus.

The Stig departed from Top Gear HQ at Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey for a three day journey through Europe which will see #BigStig call in at Amsterdam and Berlin before arriving in Warsaw, Poland where BBC Brit will launch on the 1st February 2015.

Amanda Hill, Chief Brands Officer, BBC Worldwide says: "BBC Brit will be the new home of Top Gear in Poland so what better way to mark this than by taking them a giant Stig! Fans will be able to spot him on the roads of England, Holland and Germany, he's impossible to miss!" '

BBC BRIT offers premium factual entertainment that is intelligent but irreverent. Male-skewing but with broader appeal, it blends expertise with entertainment and fact with fun. The channel will become the exclusive home of Top Gear and covers a rich variety of subjects: cars; science; adventure; business; life-changing moments; extreme characters; quirky eccentrics and plenty of laughs.

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