New car buyers are paying more and more attention to the infotainment systems all the time, placing increasing value on items like USB ports and smartphone connectivity. But how much would the average consumer be willing to spend on an enticing new piece of tech when buying a new car?

Up to $1,499, that's how much. According to the latest Harris Poll, 51 percent of those surveyed said that if an automaker came out with an easy-to-use new technology that they really wanted, they'd be willing to spend up to that amount. No wonder automakers are focusing more on revealing new technologies at CES this year than they ever have before.

The priorities of new car buyers has shifted to such an extent that another survey cited by Bloomberg indicates that while only 14 percent care most about engine output and performance, a whopping 39 percent indicated that in-car technology is their top priority. More than half said automakers should focus more on improving the built-in infotainment systems in new cars rather than enhancing smartphone integration.

Although only 3 percent of respondents cited by the first survey said they have wifi in their cars, two thirds of those who have it say they use it daily. Nearly half of the respondents said they would want wireless internet in their cars, a desire which is expected to drive a fourfold increase in internet-connected cars from 36 million vehicles now to over 150 million by 2020.

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