ATM customers push the Jenson Button to meet their Secret Santander

We all know the drill: you need cash, you go to an ATM, you push some buttons and out come the bills, deducted from your checking account. But some customers at European bank Santander got a bit of a surprise when they were asked to use a new type of automatic teller and push the Jenson Button.

Putting the Santa in Santander, the 2009 Formula One World Champion hid inside an ATM in England and dispersed gifts from the bank to a fortunate few of its customers. It's a good gag, one that puts the bank in good light and spreads a bit of holiday cheer.

In case you're wondering what Santander has to do with Button and F1, note that the Spanish-owned banking group has, since 2008, sponsored the McLaren team for which Button drives. Not unlike Marlboro, it started sponsoring the Ferrari team in 2010 when Fernando Alonso signed with the Italian team, but though Santander initially planned on severing ties with the British team when it switched to the Scuderia, it's stuck with McLaren over the years. And with Alonso now returning to Woking, we wouldn't be surprised to see the bank step up to an even more prominent role with the team.

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