Tesla stock drops on fear that comes with low gas prices [w/video]

TSLA Goes Down, Then Back Up, Then Who Knows?

Tesla's stock price was down to around $206 earlier today, but it's back up to over $216 now. Friday, it closed at over $223. Some stock blogs are saying the price could go as low as $165 in the not-too-distant future. What's behind these wild swings that CNBC's Phil LeBeau calls, " the worst seven-day trading period ever for shares of Tesla"? One potential culprit is today's low gas prices.

Those prices – currently hovering at around $2.65 a gallon in the US, the lowest in about four years – are affecting the cars people buy ( sorry, hybrids), so it's not a huge leap to think they'll affect high-end electric cars, as well. A $50 drop in share price is pretty dramatic, and Bloomberg and others point the finger at gas prices. Ben Kallo, an analyst with Robert W. Baird & Co., wrote that, "We believe the recent decline in TSLA shares is largely driven by the concern low gasoline prices could impact demand if sustained for the long term."

But there are other ideas, too. Since we don't always comprehend analyst-ese, we're not sure if Zev Spiro at Orips Research thinks gas prices are to blame, but it doesn't sound like it:

A negative signal developed yesterday as a high volume break occurred below the slightly upward slanted neckline of the topping pattern, in the $219.20 area. The break below the neckline signaled a trigger of the bearish pattern and indicated a downtrend with a minimum expected price objective in the $165 area. In addition, yesterday's bearish trigger may result in downward momentum in the near term. Indicators are generally negative, adding to the overall bearish tone.

Kallo remains positive, though, saying that, "We believe demand for TSLA's vehicles will remain strong." This makes sense to us, since TSLA has weathered drops before, only to climb to record highs afterwards. Watch a CNBC video report on all of this below.

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