Lamborghini Miura owner sues garage over million-dollar car-b-que [w/video]

Remember about a year and a half ago when a rare, classic Lamborghini Miura SV went up in flames in London? Its owner sure does. And he's not willing to write it off, pointing fingers squarely at the Lamborghini dealership in London for causing the fire.

It may seem like a difficult case to make, especially since the Miura was not in the dealership's possession when the fire erupted – the owner's son was driving it, but he was driving it home from the dealer where it had been brought in for service. According to the suit filed by the vehicle's owner, billionaire property agent Jon Hunt, the mechanics at the dealership owned by high-end automotive group H.R. Owen must have improperly fitted the spark plugs during the Miura's service. Lamborghini's official dealership should have known better, says Mr. Hunt.

That's why Hunt is suing the dealership to the tune of £700,000, equivalent to over $1 million at today's rates, plus storage costs and "loss of enjoyment." The vehicle – one of only 764 made – was evaluated at £900,000, but Hunt's suit deducts the £200,000 it was worth as scrap.

We've included footage of the fire below, but it's not for the weak of heart when it comes to watching an irreplaceable classic supercar burning to the ground.

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