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Consumer Reports says Tesla Model S reliability is just 'average'

Tesla Motors chief Elon Musk strikes us as someone who retches at the word "average," especially when it's applied to one of his companies. But that's the reliability grade his company's Model S all-electric sedan has received from Consumer Reports. From what others have reported, that might not be a bad thing.

CR reached its conclusion by factoring in both its own experiences and the responses from more than 1,300 Model S owners. Slow response from retractable door handles and creaky windshields were two widely reported issues, but it should be noted that Tesla scored good marks for being willing to foot the bill for all repairs. In the grand scheme of things, CR says Tesla is comparable, reliability-wise, to the Acura RLX. While luxury models from Audi and Lexus have scored better, Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz models have recorded scores "far worse," the magazine said.

After almost 16,000 miles in its Model S, CR needed to have the car's infotainment screen hard reset and had one unscheduled service. Meanwhile, Edmunds reported that its 17 months with a $105,000 2013 Model S required seven unscheduled service visits, and it needed nine information screen resets. The drive unit needed to be replaced three times. We think CR would not have found that "average."

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