Every once in a while, we come across a car video narrated in a foreign language and subtitled in English. They usually center on foreign-made automobiles, but this latest series of videos comes straight from Detroit.

Airing for the first time during's NFL broadcasts, these four commercials for the 2015 Chrysler 200 were produced by Wieden + Kennedy Portland – the same advertising firm that created the now-legendary Eminem spot for the last-generation 200.

Each clip in the "Ready to Take on the World" campaign highlights a different aspect of the American sedan and is narrated in Japanese, German or Swedish – each with English subtitles – associating the 200's Japanese level of quality, German performance and Swedish safety standards. But while the clips are ostensibly set in Japan, Germany and Sweden, Automotive News reports that they were actually filmed at home in the US.

It's an interesting way to sell an American car, and you can view the first three clips below and what you think of the new campaign, with the fourth Swedish spot still to be released.

Chrysler 200 Information

Chrysler 200

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