New cars have outpaced the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards for the 2012-2014 model years, according to a new report from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute. The CAFE standards target a five-percent reduction in CO2 per mile each year through 2025. Based on fuel economy ratings, cars have exceeded this standard - and NHTSA's expectations - for the first three years of the current standard, which started in 2012. "If the current trends in annual improvements continue," the report concludes, "future achieved CAFE performance is expected to continue meeting or exceeding the projected performance levels (and desired GHG reductions) contained in the latest CAFE standards." Read more at the UMTRI website.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washingtow (CREW) is suing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over transparency failings with regard to industry influence. Earlier, CREW filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for EPA documents regarding the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), and called for an investigation by the EPA's Office of Inspector General. In addition to creating a flurry of acronyms, CREW hopes to shed light on the relationships between government and businesses like the Carlyle Group and Delta Airlines, both of whom lobbied for a reduction in the RFS. "Even though it is nearly 2015, the renewable fuel standards for 2014 still haven't been released," says CREW Executive Director Malanie Sloan. "Is this to avoid potential political fallout in the mid-terms for siding with the oil industry over the biofuel industry?" Read more at the CREW website.

The Sierra Club has launched a new online tool, called Pick A Plug-in, to help people shop for EVs. The tool asks basic questions about driving habits and needs, access to an outlet, budget and certain personal preferences, and provides the user with a list of suitable electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. It displays the model, its price after government incentives, seating, electric range and states where it is available. The Sierra Club also has a tool to learn about any state and local incentives. Try Pick A Plug-in for yourself or read more about it in the press release below.

EVSR took first place in an SCCA event on at New Jersey Motorsports Park, setting an electric lap record at Thunderbolt Raceway. The event took place on October 18 and 19, and the lap record of 1:33.582 was set during the race on day two, driven by Todd Reid. Earlier in October, EVSR also set an electric lap record of 1:27.482 during practice at the Watkins Glen short course. EVSR Project Manager and Chief Engineer Charlie Greenhaus was behind the wheel for that lap, which clocked an average speed of 100.8 miles per hour. See the record lap at Watkins glen in a video below, where you'll also find a press release.

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Sierra Club launches new online tool to help consumers find the right electric vehicle

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--The Sierra Club today released a 'pick-a-plug-in' web tool to help people figure out which electric cars (EVs), if any, are right for them. Pick-a-plug-in asks the user a few questions about driving habits and vehicle needs, and then generates a list of EVs that fit the bill. There is no overall best EV. The best EV for any given driver depends on how many miles a day the person drives, whether the person takes frequent long trips, whether there is a place to plug in the car, and how much money the person is prepared to spend.

"There are a lot of compelling reasons why more than a quarter million Americans have already bought EVs since they first came on the mass market a few years ago," noted Gina Coplon-Newfield, director of the Sierra Club's Future Fleet & Electric Vehicles Initiative. "They are cool high-tech wonders, there is little or no need to ever visit a gas station, they are much cheaper to fuel -the equivalent of about $1 a gallon, and they are much better for the environment -even when considering the emissions from the electricity to charge them up."

There is a $2,500-7,500 federal tax credit that comes with the purchase of an EV, and many cities and states offer additional incentives, like a purchase/lease rebate, carpool lane access, and special utility rates for EV drivers. Linked to the new 'pick-a-plug-in' web tool is Sierra Club's online EV Guide where all of this information is available by zip code, as well as a tool that calculates how much carbon emissions and fueling costs the EV will save compared to the average conventional car.

Currently, less than 1 percent of U.S. households have an EV, but according to a poll conducted last year by the Consumers Union and the Union of Concerned Scientists, nearly half of American households could purchase an EV for their next car based on driving needs and access to electrical outlets or EV charging stations.

The 'pick-a-plug-in' tool is available on the Sierra Club's online EV Guide.

About the Sierra Club
The Sierra Club is America's largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization, with more than 2.4 million members and supporters nationwide. In addition to creating opportunities for people of all ages, levels and locations to have meaningful outdoor experiences, the Sierra Club works to safeguard the health of our communities, protect wildlife, and preserve our remaining wild places through grassroots activism, public education, lobbying, and litigation. For more information, visit

EVSR takes first overall with SCCA at New Jersey Motorsports Park and sets electric lap records at both Thunderbolt Raceway and Watkins Glen International Short Course

EVSR at Thunderbolt Raceway, New Jersey Motorsports Park

On October 18&19, EVSR #01 competed with SCCA at New Jersey Motorsports Park with SCCA. As this was our last scheduled race for EVSR in 2014 we wanted to really show how far we have come in this season and we are proud to say we knocked this one out of the park. After qualifying 6th Todd Reid (EVSR's lead driver) chose to start from the back so as not to interfere with anyone's championship races or skew the results. Race one saw EVSR come from the back to eventually finish 7th with the fastest lap of the race.

After discussion with the field, everyone agreed to allow Todd to start race 2 from his finishing position from race one. EVSR #01 and Todd were able to take the lead in the first couple of corners and never looked back.

On day two, EVSR #01 started from the pole position. Todd was able to get to turn one first and the rest of the race was a balancing act of maintaining position while conserving energy. During this race, EVSR also posted the fastest race lap of the weekend at 1:33.582 which is also the electric lap record at Thunderbolt Raceway in New Jersey Motorsports Park.

EVSR #01 and Todd took first overall, fast lap of the race, and put another trouble free weekend in the books. Follow this link to watch it happen:

On October 3, EVSR #01 raced at Watkins Glen International. Charlie Greenhaus, Project Manager and Chief Engineer, raced in an SCCA regional on the Short Course. He posted an electric lap record of 1:27.482 during practice with an average lap speed of 100.8mph. Here is the video of EVSR's record breaking lap:

The end goal of EVSR is to build an entire fleet of electric sports racing cars, and host a series. Once a series of EVSRs are built, they will be fully rentable. Custom cars will also be available to purchase.

Entropy Racing began sports car racing in 1989 and began renting cars to clients in 1991. A leader in club racing services for over two decades, Entropy Racing provides services from car prep and delivery to rental race cars, coaching, event management services, fabrication, and just about everything else a club racer could need. For more information on Entropy Racing and EVSR and to inquire about sponsorship packages, visit and

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