Caught on Camera: Troopers Turn Blind Eye to Speeding Officers

Speeding cars caught on camera are usually a slam dunk for traffic cops looking to hand out a few tickets, but last week multiple cars cruised right past an officer while going more than 20 miles over the speed limit just outside of Wenatchee, Washington without so much as a warning.

It's something that civilians would never get away with, but the speeding cars didn't belong to civilians. The cars reaching 86 mph on the freeway belonged to officers late for a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) conference, according to Q13 Fox News.

The cars were first noticed by Washington State Patrol aircraft. In the video above, officers in the air can be heard talking to patrol cars, noting the location of the speed demons. But once it is realized that the speeders are police officers, the on-duty trooper on the ground decides to not pursue and even jokes about the tardy officers. No officer was pulled over or reprimanded for breaking the law for a non-emergency.

The video was first leaked on the blog The blog reported Friday that the Washington State Patrol would void all speeding tickets handed out during the two-day conference.

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