Maserati rapidly expanding dealer network

With the new Quattroporte and Ghibli sedans out on the market, and the new Levante crossover and Alfieri coupe on their way, Maserati is making serious headway towards revitalizing its lineup. Now all it needs in order to reach its ambitious sales targets is to expand the network of dealers where they're to be sold. And according to Maserati chief Harald Wester in speaking to Automotive News at the Paris Motor Show, that's exactly what it has in store.

At the end of last year, Maserati had 79 dealerships across the United States. It has already boosted that number to 100 so far this year, but before 2014 is over, it plans to open another 20 to bring the total up to (carry the two, divide by the square-root of Pi)... 120 showrooms.

Globally speaking, Maserati reportedly closed 2012 with around 220-230 dealers around the world, and currently has about 355, but aims to close 2015 with a worldwide network of 450 dealers, representing a doubling of its network in two years' time. Having more than a quarter of those in the US alone is testament to how seriously Maserati takes the American market.

With its vehicle lineup and dealer network both expanding, Maserati is getting on track to reach lofty sales targets. Last year it sold 15,400 units around the world, this year it aims to sell more than twice that at 35,000, next year it hopes to reach 50,000 and by 2018 it's targeting its ultimate goal of 75,000 units.

That would put it right on pace with Jaguar, which reported less than 77,000 vehicles sold last year. By comparison, Porsche sold far more at over 162,000 units last year, of which over 40,000 were in the US alone. However higher-end marques Bentley and Aston Martin sold just over 10,000 and 4,200 units respectively in 2013.

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