2014 Quail Motorsports Gathering amazes with beauty from every era

  • Image Credit: Drew Phillips
If you love cars and motorcycles from past and present, then the Quail might be a little slice of heaven for you. This garden party is set on a golf course during the weekend of automotive events in Monterey, headlined by the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, and it brings together a fascinating mix of the newest hypercars sitting just a few feet away from the rarest classics of yesteryear.

The models on display for this year's show were some of the most epically beautiful pieces of machinery known to man, and the range was huge. In terms of modern rarities, Pagani was there showing off the Huaryra in a variety of colors. The paint was so thin on one of them that you could just spot the wave of the carbon fiber below it peeking out like tiger stripes. Bespoke Porsche "reimaginer" Singer was also there showing off its utterly amazing creations.

The group of classics on display was just as jaw dropping, if not more so. One exhibition had Ferrari's modern supercars sitting all in a row starting with a 288 GTO, the insanely rare Evo version, F40, F50 and an Enzo. There were also two examples of the Jaguar XK-SS on the lawn, which is astounding considering only 16 were made. One of them Steve McQueen's car from the Petersen Automotive Museum.

We have a ton of images from this year's show in our gallery, and whether you love cars new or old, it's definitely worth taking a look.

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