Check out this guy's amazing car soundtracks made with his mouth

Mastering an impression is hard enough – even if you're trying to do a person with highly recognizable tendencies, like Christopher Walken or Al Pacino – but getting the sound of vehicle just right by using nothing but your own vocal anatomy is on a whole different level. That's what makes people like Daniel Jovanov so impressive. The former Australia's Got Talent contestant doesn't just do a generic car or truck, he has honed his skill down to specific models.

Jovanov isn't the first guy with this ability, but his technique appears somewhat different. As opposed to blowing air out and manipulating his lips to shape the sound, he keeps his mouth mostly closed and appears to be humming to create the noise. However Jovanov is doing it, his method is clearly working.

This video pits Jovanov against a very exacting trio of judges – Volkswagen World Rally Championship drivers. Jovanov shows the camera a car, and then makes its sound with his mouth. How does he do? Watch the video above to find out.

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