Fevzi's sound effects extravaganza – Click above to watch videos after the jump

The man on the right is a Turk named Fevzi. He hails from the city of Gaziantep which, according to Wikipedia, is the sixth-largest in Turkey. So it isn't because there's nothing else to do that Fevzi has developed a full-featured repertoire of automotive sounds that he can bust out at a moment's notice.

As you'll see in the videos after the jump, these include a diesel Ford Transit and diesel Mitsubishi Canter; a tractor; Suzuki and Yamaha literbikes; a Yamaha 115cc bike; a boat; and a hometown favorite in the form of a Tofas Sahin car. Follow the jump to rock the noise – the first video is the original, the second is from Fevzi's leap to Turkish television. Hat tip to Ozcan!

[Source: YouTube, YouTube]

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