BMW begins restoring Elvis Presley's 507 [w/video]

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Imagine the King of Rock n' Roll driving a car and you'll likely picture a pink Cadillac or a yellow De Tomaso shot full of holes. But Elvis also owned a 1957 BMW 507 roadster, and now that roadster is returning home to BMW headquarters.

The 507 was a rare bird, of which only 254 examples were ever made. They were sold mostly to celebrities and royalty, but Elvis Presley was a GI when he bought it while stationed in Germany. The example that he bought had been displayed at the Frankfurt Motor Show, used as a press car and raced by Hans Stuck (which is how Elvis came to see it in the first place), so when he took delivery of it second-hand, the dealership had a new engine installed. It was originally white, but legend has it that Elvis got tired of women writing their phone numbers on the side of it in lipstick that he had it repainted in red.

Stories differ on what exactly happened to it next, with some saying that he returned it once the lease was up and other saying that the army shipped it back to him in the States after his tour was over. But what we do know is that the car sat for many years, neglected but sheltered from the elements. Now it's heading to the the BMW Museum in Munich, where it will be on display until August 10, after which the BMW Group Classic department will undertake a comprehensive restoration of the star-studded roadster that's expected to take two years of work.

Read more in the Google-translated press release below and scope out the pre-restoration photos in the gallery above. For more information on the 507 model, feel free to watch the video we embedded with the press release.

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Special exhibition "Elvis' BMW 507: lost & found" at the BMW Museum + + + The cult sports car comes to restoration to Munich

Munich. A myth comes to Munich. From July 24 to August 10 shows the BMW Museum, the exhibition "Elvis's BMW 507: lost & found". Visitors can experience the sports car of the King of Rock in its current state. The BMW Museum tells the story of this iconic vehicle, around which many myths. Following the exhibition of the car experts at BMW Group Classic is restored.

Automobile fans do not often get the opportunity to admire a BMW 507. The car has rarity value, since 1955-1959, only 254 copies were made. The model has always been regarded as a luxury and a status symbol. Stars of film and music are among the buyers of the two-seater, including Ursula Andress, Alain Delon, Toni Sailer and even Elvis Presley. The rock and roll star drove during his time as a GI in Germany a white BMW 507 The BMW 507 was the first time in 1955 at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, two years later, in 1957, was Elvis' Roadster unveiled at the show on the Main. Then Hans Stuck drove it some mountain races he won all of them. For Elvis, however, BMW built a an everyday light alloy V8 engine in the former race car - with huge for 50s 150 hp.

After nearly 60 years of Elvis' Roadster now returns to the place of its production. In the BMW Classic Center this cult car is in the best hands. Conergy's experts have decades of experience in the restoration of classic cars. "To be able to realize a project is the dream of every Fahrzeugrestaurateurs. Alone that the BMW 507 of the King of Rock'n Roll finds its way into the BMW Museum, is quite remarkable. This classic cars then be able to restore even with us, is a very special task for us. We are pleased that the BMW Group Classic was pronounced that trust, "says Ulrich Knieps, Director of BMW Group Classic. The BMW Group Classic archived and documented the history of the brands and makes them come alive. It includes also the BMW Museum and the Classic Center, the focal point for owners of classic vehicles of the brands. The BMW Group Classic is the BMW 507 overtake round after exhibition and give his '50s charm new shine. After the presentation of the press, the new model of the young designer Albrecht Graf Goertz celebrated at the time as "Dream of the Isar". Today is not only the copy that Elvis Presley drove a coveted collector's item.

The special exhibition "Elvis's BMW 507: lost & found" runs from July 24 to August 10 at the BMW Museum. Admission costs 9 Euros (reduced 6 €), the BMW Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday and holidays from 10:00 - 18:00 clock opened.

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