We've seen some good car shows, and we've seen some bad ones. But this has to be just about the worst one we've ever seen – and that mostly comes down to its host.

Though better known as a rapper, there was a time when Vanilla Ice hosted a car show. And not in the States, either: it was broadcast on Men & Motors, a dedicated car channel jointly operated by ITV and Sky, two of Britain's biggest broadcasting companies. Richard Hammond used to host on the channel long before he joined Top Gear. So did Princess Tamara of Spain. And unfortunately so did Rob Van Winkle, also known (for better or worse) as Vanilla Ice.

The producers, in their infinite wisdom, had rap Van Winkle over here presenting to the extreme modified hatchbacks and sedans like the Vauxhall (née Chevy) Nova, Citroën Saxo and Ford Sierra. You know, because the kids these days. Or those days. Which is when we were kids, come to think of it. Anyway, the results were a bit like Ali G, only Vanilla was serious – or tried to be, anyway. Check out the hook while the DJ revolves it in the four clips below.

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