Just when you thought the world was safe from Robert Van Winkle, the O.G. Vanilla Ice rears his frosted tips once again. Don't run for the hills just yet – the guy isn't bent on releasing a new attack on hip-hop this time. Instead, he's jumping feet first into hawking garage/loft condos for The Car Loft. Haven't heard of the project? There's probably a good reason for that.

According to the company's website, The Car Loft is what would have happened if someone had decided to fund and build the awesome garage/house we all drafted in first grade. The roughly 25x30 structures feature parking for up to four cars and a loft space up above for entertaining, sleeping or work. So far, so good, but we started getting skeptical when we heard each unit came pre-furnished with flat-screens, high-end tools, towels and plates monogrammed with the Car Loft logo. Oh yeah, each unit is completely hurricane-proof and features 24-hour surveillance you can monitor over the internet. No word on whether or not you have to pay extra for the robot that cleans up after you and dispense slushies at the same time.

Supposedly The Car Loft has already started its first compound in Delray Beach, and if it's successful, you can expect similar condos to crop up everywhere from Las Vegas to Detroit. Okay, maybe not Detroit. No word on how much these things are going to cost, but based on how often the word "exclusivity" appears on the Car Loft site, we're betting it's more than we've got stuffed under the mattress. More importantly, we've got to wonder how many high-rollers are going to want to wake up every morning smelling like they've spent the night under a Jiffy Lube.

[Source: TheCarLoft via MotorAuthority]

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