Diagramming a 1,000-mph run with Bloodhound SSC

Back in 2006, Autocar tested a parking lot's worth of road-legal metal to see which was fastest from 0 to 100 miles per hour and back to 0. The Bugatti Veyron beat everything else there with a time of 9.9 seconds, including two motorcycles, outdone only by an exceedingly non-road-legal A1GP car, and spending 5.5 seconds of that time getting to 100 mph. The specialist-yet-road-legal Ultima GTR then lowered the 0-100-0 time to 9.4 seconds.

What's it like, then, to another zero to that middle number, doing the 0-1000-0 run? That's what the seven-ton Bloodhound SSC will attempt to do on the Hakskeen Pan in South Africa, and the team has drawn us a picture of what the ideal acceleration and deceleration curves will look like, and it involves captions like "20 seconds in we'll pass 200 mph," "sound barrier," and disc brakes that can't be used until pilot Andy Green is back under 200 mph.

A challenge just as compelling as the top speed is making sure the car stops in time - there are rock formations just beyond the start and finish lines. And the team has to get it right twice in order to set the record. You can watch how they want things to go in the video below.

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