To promote a rather full-featured automobile get-together called Autoweek Live in Lelystad, Holland next month, the organizers got ex-Formula One driver Jos "The Boss" Verstappen to wring out an A1GP car in the Lelystad city center and then strut its stuff on a highway. The spec series open-wheelers used in the now-defunct A1GP were Lola B05/52 chassis' with 3.4-liter V8s from Zytek Engineering that were good for up to 550 horsepower in "powerboost" mode.

That's back of the rear wing reads "Acceleration," and that's another promotion: the International Sport Racing Association grabbed a passel of A1GP cars to form a new series called Formula Acceleration 1, and is hosting events in Europe throughout the year. "Acceleration" is also a statement of fact, and if you watch the videos below you'll see that Verstappen has it.

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