Like a tractor harvesting an Iowa cornfield, biofuel advocates aren't using a ton of subtlety in their approach to take down Big Oil. The coalition Fuels America used April 22, i.e. Earth Day, to kick off a campaign for higher renewable fuel mandates. And, while that corn field may be a lovely shade of maize, the advocates are talking green, as in the money oil companies are pulling out of Americans' pocketbooks by insisting on reuced use of biofuels.

The campaign, which pushes for maintenance of the US Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), is called Oil Rigged and it stresses that oil companies made $93 billion in profits last year. "They get richer, and you pay more," says one of the tag lines of a 30-second ad, which notes that renewable fuels save Americans as much as $50 billion a year.

The pro-biofuel efforts are being stepped up as the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) prepares to potentially slow the increase of the ethanol requirement in the American gas supply for the first time since the RFS went into effect in 2007. Last November, the EPA recommended that the US add 15.21 billion gallons of ethanol to the gasoline supply in 2014. That amount is on the lower end of the 15-15.52 billion gallon projected range. Check out the 30-second Oil Rigged ad below.

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