Pagani to reveal Huayra Roadster within two years

2013 Pagani Huayra
2013 Pagani Huayra
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Over the course of fourteen years of production, Pagani made more special editions and versions of the Zonda than we would care to count. But over the past three years since its debut, we've only seen the one version of the Huayra.

That won't be the case forever, though. In correspondence with Autoblog, company spokesman Luca Venturi confirmed that Pagani is indeed working on a roadster version of the Huayra, just as it had done with the Zonda before it. The Huayra Roadster will likely carry all of the same mechanical features as the coupe on which it is based, including the 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 which Mercedes-AMG builds for Pagani.

Expect all 720 horsepower to continue being transmitted to the rear wheels through the Huayra's seven-speed, single-clutch sequential gearbox, which Pagani chose over a more advanced dual-clutch gearbox due to its lighter weight. By the same token, we wouldn't expect a complex folding hard-top like you'd find on the likes of the Ferrari 458 Spider or McLaren 650S. Pagani would more likely go with removable roof panel like the one found on the Zonda Roadster or Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport.

Pagani tells us that the Huayra Roadster is currently under development and will debut sometime within the next two years, which is a little behind the three-year timeframe we were told to expect... three years ago. But despite the epic pace at which their supercars can cover ground, things can move slower than expected at exotic automakers like Pagani. You can bet that when it does arrive, though, the Huayra Roadster will command even more than the $1.5 million Pagani gets for the existing coupe.

As for the prospect of special editions like Pagani made out of now-retired Zonda, perhaps Venturi put it best: "There's nothing planned yet in this direction, but let me say that every single Pagani is a kind of special edition: they're so suited around the customer that we might call every Huayra as a special Huayra."

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