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Anyone who has ever bought a new car knows that the base price is just that: the base price. Start checking off boxes on the options list and the price will quickly skyrocket. And if that's true of ordinary cars that people like us would buy, it's that much more so with six- and seven-figure exotics.

Take the Pagani Huayra, for example. If you've got the million bucks it takes to put one in your driveway, you'll probably take whichever one you can get your hands on, however it came from the factory. But if you're lucky (and patient) enough to get to the front of the waiting list to order one just the way you want it, you'll find all sorts of optional extras that will leave the million-euro "base price" behind in typical Pagani style.

According to a price list apparently acquired by The Supercar Kids, buyers of a new Huayra are faced with such choices as a €15k set of fitted luggage, a €5k rearview camera and an €8k leather upgrade – as if the "standard" leather trim in a Pagani would disappoint even the most discerning multi-millionaire. Want to see the bodywork in exposed carbon fiber? That'll set you back
an extra (deep breath now) €112,500. That's enough to buy a new Maserati GranTurismo, for crying out loud!

Of course even those astronomic option prices are still probably unlikely to make most Pagani customers even flinch, but then that's probably why Horacio and company can get away with charging that much in the first place. Click on below to see the full price list.
Pagani Huayra price list

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