Bosch, Daimler say Tesla's Supercharger strategy a disservice to EVs

Here's a classic pot-kettle-black story. Daimler, which has a partnership with Tesla, is calling the EV automaker out for its Supercharger stations that - at this point - only work with Tesla vehicles. Daimler, along with supplier Bosch, is saying that there should be compatible standards in the EV industry. Tesla has big plans to install Supercharger throughout Germany (and Europe), but Daimler isn't singing praises.

Daimler's research and design chief, Thomas Weber told Automobilwoche that, "The future [of an electric charging infrastructure] lies in standardization. As with gas stations, we need a charging system for all manufacturers, not least because it reduces the cost of the infrastructure, but it is also more convenient for customers."

That's true as far as it goes. The irony here, of course, is that Daimler and its partners chose to develop a new DC fast charging system, the SAE Combo system, despite the fact that another standard ( CHAdeMO) was already widely available. The SAE Combo team said when the technology was unveiled that it, "will optimize customer ease of use and will accelerate more affordable deployment of electrified vehicles and charging infrastructure," even though there are thousands of CHAdeMO stations in operation today and only a handful of SAE units.

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